The time I went with a plan

Sometimes it does work.

I planned on doing a profile on Columbia College’s Trinity Ojo this week, mainly because she’s one of two seniors who’s been with the team for four years and she’s putting up top offensive stats. The time she was available was right before the alumni match, which I was covering anyway.

Before the match, I started talking to Ojo, and you know what? She’s fascinating. It made me wish I was a better interviewer (I’ll keep working at that).

We’ve been talking about gatekeeping theory in mass media, which I question not because I think it doesn’t exist but because I’m not sure if slapping a name on something that’s common sense is always useful. But I gate kept when I talked to Ojo: I reported her story, which I thought was important to my audience. More pointedly than ever, I wanted to tell the story because I hoped it would inspire families and individuals that they, like Ojo, can overcome hard times.

Columbia College’s Ojo sets herself up for success


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