The time Bleacher Report’s founder started a women’s site

The New Yorker published an article by Lizzie Widdicombe about entrepreneur Bryan Goldberg’s latest venture: a female version of his first site, Bleacher Report, called Bustle.

Goldberg thinks he’s cracked into female interest by hiring females to write lots and lots and lots of articles for females. Gender issues aside, he has a fascinating premise: rather than specialize his outlet, he’s broadening it. He wants to reach women ages 18-34. He wants to reach EVERY woman aged 18-34.

The really tragic and innovative thing about Goldberg’s approach is that it relies on massive amounts of content, flooding the site with as many as 60 articles a day on a variety of topics. It’s a polygamous marriage of aggregation, reportage, and opinion. This seems like it cannot ultimately produce great content. But as a business model, as Goldberg proved with Bleacher Report, it might work.


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