The time there was no football game on a Saturday

Ah. What a quiet, quiet campus. What a calm day. No football. I love the game, but the swarm and heat and bustle of the past two weekends was exhausting. It’s a bye week for the team, and it’s a bye week for the rest of us.

*jarring transition*

So with all this open time, I’ve been sleeping and exercising and thinking. And I feel much better about my three classes. I have a research project for each class, and I’ve chosen topics for each of those projects, so now is the time to research think write research research think think think write. Sadly, this means I should put a long-term article on hold, but I hope to resurrect it for intermediate writing next semester.

One of the best things about being a journalist (and a grad student) is that I can ask questions constantly. All the things I want answers to, all the things I talk to my family about and debate with my friends — now I can call an expert and ask for an explanation. “I’m writing an article about this, and I’d like to hear your thoughts.” It’s not that I couldn’t do that before, or couldn’t go to the library, but now I have resources and support and a reason to answer that question: if I’m thinking it, readers might be thinking it, too.


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