The time I met John Anderson

Really, this post is about the time I learned to try and learn my lesson the first time around, but if you’re an ESPN fan, I imagine John Anderson’s name catches your attention. Gimmicky, I know.

It poured for the John Anderson College Avenue Mile, a charity race to raise money for Columbia public schools and the Food Bank. I couldn’t take notes, at one point, because my notebook was dripping. I was dripping. But the rain didn’t last long.

Unfortunately, like I originally did with the Battle football story, I failed to focus this story. As an assistant editor told me, I had a good start but lost the story (the 2-year-old who ran the mile) by including too much event background  information. It’s like choosing a crowd photo over a detail photo: unless it’s compelling for some reason, the context photo is boring.

As sports editor Greg Bowers would say, I need the courage to cut out everything but the story.

College Avenue Mile has wet yet successful first year


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